To provide posts and nets that is safe and meet FA requirements.


Erect posts and nets


Prior to match.

Effects of Incorrect Procedure:

  • Delay to start of match to allow remedial action.
  • Match postponed by officials.
  • Player injury.
  • Reported to league.
  • If using portable goals ensure they are weighted or secured following FA guidelines.


  • Goals may be socketed or free standing.
  • Freestanding (portable) goals MUST be anchored to the ground.
  • For socketed goals: Step ladders, ties/fasteners, spanners/sockets and personal protective equipment.

Practical Tips:

  • Always check the Health & Safety implications or erecting/maintaining posts & nets. Plus portables
  • Allow a minimum of 2-3 people to allow safe erection of posts.
  • Allow plenty of time to assemble goals.
  • If possible remove & store goalposts & nets between matches; this will prevent extra wear of goalmouths through unauthorized use.