To ensure that playing surfaces conform to criteria set out by the FA



  • Pitch orientation
  • Pitch dimensions
  • Condition of posts, nets & flags.
  • General condition of pitch.
  • Condition of line marker.
  • Availability of line marking compound.
  • The presence and viability of basic equipment.
  • Mark out pitch.



Effects of Incorrect Procedure:

  • Loss of play due to incorrect markings
  • Loss of revenue
  • Delay to start of match to allow remedial action.
  • Match postponed by officials.
  • Player injury
  • Poor playability
  • Reputational damage to club and volunteer groundsman


  • Visual assessment
  • Measuring tape & pegs.
  • Line marker.

Practical Tips:

  • Check on any changes to the pitch dimensions set out by the FA or local league.
  • Recommended pitch orientation is between 285o and 20o.
  • Check the SE list for basic equipment requirements for clubs.
  • For marking pitch, check with groundsman and assist where possible.
  • Check the basic principles of line marking.