Buying materials

It is the groundsman’s responsibility to obtain the necessary material in the most effective way. 

Plan your purchases in advance

The most effective way to purchase materials is plan ahead for what is required throughout the year. By doing this the groundsman will be able to:

  • Make the case for a proper budget from the club committee (see Financial considerations)
  • Obtain more competitive prices by buying in bulk, especially if you can join up with other clubs
  • Obtaining the right materials.

It is very important that when you order your materials you make sure that you request the right materials for the task. Obtaining the wrong material can damage a pitch, reduce its durability and waste precious funds. If you are in any doubt of the exact specification of material that you require speak to an experienced groundsman or one of the organisations listed in Further help and guidance.

Equipment and Storage

When ordering materials make sure that you have some where to safely and securely store them (see the module on Health and Safety considerations) as well as access to the right equipment to use them (see Employing a specialist contractor).

How to purchase the materials

You should put together a simple specification of what you require and use it to obtain written quotes from reputable suppliers. Ideally the suppliers should be ones that you know have been used successfully by other local clubs. You should retain the written quotes as these may be required by the Treasurer to demonstrate to the committee that the materials have been properly procured.

Sometimes there may be variations in the quotes that you receive and it may be necessary to not go to the lowest price. If this is the case you should set your reasoning in writing and discuss it if necessary with the club treasurer.

Remember if you are any doubt talk to an experienced groundsman or one of the organisations in the Further help, guidance and training module.