Harrowing is a form of scarification on large areas such as the outfield. It is done to remove moss, and creeping grasses, and to help to flatten any divots and level a surface.

How it’s used

Harrows are mainly tractor mounted and come in two main types; chain harrows which can be reversible with a flat side and spike side, and spring tine harrows.

Timing of use

Outfields are normally harrowed in the spring in preparation of the season to clean the surface out and spread worm cast etc. If the outfield is used for winter sports, regular use is beneficial.

Effects of incorrect procedure

The main concern is damaging the soil structure by putting a tractor and harrows on the ground in wet conditions causing loss of surface levels. Spring harrow will remove all grass if over used.

Equipment needed

Tractor or other power unit and chain or spike harrows.

Practical Tips

Harrow in a different direction from mowing to help level a surface and lift creeping grasses.