To maintain the height of grass and allow the cricket ball to travel without a major reduction of speed.

How it’s used

Due to an outfield being a large area up 16,000m², larger equipment is needed such as a tractor mounted mower or trailed mower.  These can be cylinder or rotary mowers.

Timing of use

Mow the outfield at least once a week to prevent a large amount of dead grass on the surface which will slow the ball speed. Try and mow the day before a game and, as with all mowing, cut when the grass plant is dry.

Effects of incorrect procedure

Mowing the outfield over a longer period than once a week and not collecting will leave piles of dead grass on the surface. This will encourage weed grasses to grow.

Equipment needed

A set of cylinder gang mowers, 3 or 5 units and either trailed or mounted or ride on mower, cylinder and rotary.

High standard grounds use large pedestrian mowers to get the strip affect and produce a faster surface.

Practical Tips

Cut in a different direction each time unless you are setting in a pattern.

If you collect the grass clipping you will need to increase the fertiliser application due to removing nutrients within the grass clippings.