To reduce grass height on the pitch.

How it’s used

Mow up and down the same strip covering a pitch, gradually reducing the height over the pitch preparation time until match height is reached (1mm - 2mm) or as low as possible without scalping the pitch. Brush the pitch prior to mowing to stand the grass plant upright.

Timing of use

Every other day during pitch preparation, aiming for match height the day before play.

Effects of incorrect procedure

The amount of grass left on a pitch will affect how a pitch plays - more grass on a pitch can benefit bowlers.

Equipment needed

A pedestrian cylinder mower with collection box and the following features: - Solid back roller, min 8-10 blade cylinder, or high clip rate, and shaver bottom blade.

Practical Tips

If possible, keep a mower just for pitch preparation and keep a spare bottom blade in case you hit sometime like a stud so you don’t have to wait to order one.