A good batsman likes to use the pace of a good bowler in the shots they play so a fast outfield can add 30 runs to a 50-over innings. The outfield should be smooth with no undulation and weeds to slow or deviate the ball.

What’s involved

Maintained with the following operations:

1. Mowing on a regular basis

2. Scarification or harrowing

3. Fertilisation

4. Irrigation

5. Selective herbicides

Timing of use

All year round.

Effects of incorrect procedure

Leaving long grass which will stop the ball or weeds that will deflect the ball on the outfield reduces the quality of the game.

Equipment needed

See Operations.

Practical Tips

Where the outfield is utilised for other sports this can be beneficial as long as it is controlled. Failure to do so can be detrimental to the quality of the outfield during the summer.