The degree of renovation will depend on if you play other sports or use the outfield for other things such as car parks etc. But you should aim for a smooth even surface free from weeds and weed grasses.

How it’s used

The main renovation operations are: -

1. Scarification/harrowing

2. Aeration

3. Seeding

4. Fertilising

5. Sand Top Dressing

The degree of the operations will depend on the profile and surface assessment.

Timing of use

If winter games are played then the renovation should be done in March/April. If the outfield has no other use then renovation should take place in September.

Effects of incorrect procedure

The renovation of the outfield will level the surface and improve drainage making it safe to field. It not a ball could hit a player in the face.

Equipment needed

See Operations.

Practical Tips

Check and rod pipe drainage systems and silt traps where installed.