When a pitch is finished with you may want to repair it to come back to it later in the season.

What’s involved

The pitch ends are repaired so the pitch should be:

1. Brushed

2. Watered  

3. Surface aerated, normally with a shallow spike roller, to facilitate over seeding

4. Fertiliser applied

5. Lightly top dressed if required

Timing of use

When a pitch is finished with they are often repaired in blocks of more than one.

Effects of incorrect procedure

On small squares - without repairing pitches you may not have enough pitches to fulfil your fixtures. Ideally you need to allow a minimum of six weeks before you re-use.

Equipment needed

Brush, irrigation equipment, shallow spiked roller, fertiliser and spreader, over seeder, top dressing and lute.

Practical Tips

Do not apply more than 25-50kg of cricket loam because any more will not work into the pitch surface.