Used in many different forms in cricket:

1. Pitch preparation: To lift grasses and remove surface dead grass and rubbish.

2. In renovation: To remove organic material from the surface and reduce the soil profile to 30-40 mm.

3. On the outfield: To lift grass before cutting and speed up the ball run.

How it’s used

Scarification is done in many forms on the cricket ground. In pitch preparation, pitches are raked manually or with powered equipment.  Be careful with powered equipment unless your square is perfectly level as you do not want to mark the surface of the pitch.

Timing of use

As required. In the growing season the grass plant is scarified to clean out dead material such as old leaves etc.

Effects of incorrect procedure

Loss of surface coverage and levels.

Equipment needed

Choose the correct equipment for the degree of scarification required. To scarify the grass plant, a Combi-rake is sufficient.

Practical Tips

Never scarify at right angles because this creates squares which the cricket ball can remove during the game.