1. To lift creeping stems and leaves before mowing to create an even surface and to thin the grass coverage.

2. To reduce organic matter build-up in the grass plant.

How it’s used

It can be a pedestrian unit, units mounted on a triple mower or as a gang mower system powered by a tractor. The verti-cutting unit is made up of vertically mounted blades that rotate at high speed to cut into the turf. It can also be mounted on a cylinder mower to complete two operations at once to clean out the surface and cut the surface.

Timing of use

This operation is done during the growing season of the grass. It has a good effect on the square in the spring removing dead material created during the winter.

Effects of incorrect procedure

Avoid verti-cutting during periods of drought because the action increases the surface area and increases surface drying. Only use on the grass plant and not the soil.

Equipment needed

A pedestrian motorised verti-cutting mower. Some pitch mowers have a mounted verti-cutting unit which cleans the surface as you cut. Some mowers have a cassette system which has a verti-cut cassette for cleaning a turf surface.

A tractor mounted verti-cutting unit for larger areas

Practical Tips

Make sure the verti-cutting unit is set 2-3mm above the soil surface when working on the square. If you mark the soil then dry a pitch out the mark will increase in size and could affect the ball.