Except for the largest of clubs it is not possible or sensible for every club to have the full range of maintenance equipment. This would be very expensive and would require permanent secure storage at the site.

When necessary it is the groundsman’s responsibility to obtain access to the necessary equipment in the most effective way. The equipment can normally be obtained by one of the following methods:

  • Contracting the services of a specialist contractor who will supply and operate the equipment. This approach has the benefit that the contractor is a specialist used to regularly doing the specific operation with their own equipment
  • Obtaining the equipment from an equipment bank shared with other clubs. This is often the cheaper route however it is essential that the equipment is operated by an experienced trained operative. You must not use any equipment for which the operative has not had the proper training.
Plan well in advance for when you will need the equipment

It is essential to plan ahead for when you will need the equipment:

  • As you will need to book a slot/window for your site as many other clubs and sites will also being looking to do similar operations at the same time
  • Make the case for a proper budget from the club committee (see Financial considerations)
  • Obtain more competitive prices by buying in bulk, especially if you can join up with other clubs.
How to purchase the equipment/services

You should put together a simple specification of the service/equipment that you require and use it to obtain written quotes from at least three reputable contractors with the right experience and ideally contractors who you know have been used successfully by other local clubs. You should retain the written quotes as these may be required by the Treasurer.

Remember if you are in any doubt talk to an experienced groundsman or one of the organisations in Further help, guidance and training.

How To Identify a Competent Contractor