• To maintain grass plant health and structure.
  • Essential in the preparation of pitches to create pace and bounce.
  • Applied to cool the plant.
  • Applied to wash in fertiliser and aid grass seed germination.


  • The range of application method is very wide from the watering can to the automatic irrigation system controlled by computer.
  • Water pressure has a big effect on the quantity of water applied.
  • The irrigation of pitches must be even to produce even pace and bounce. 


  • The ideal time to water is in the evening when the sun has lost it power.
  • Never irrigate in full sun and insure you water the profile to a depth not just the surface.
  • Make sure the surface has time to dry before the surface is used.

Effects of Incorrect Procedure:

  • If you do not water to a depth you can produce a crust which may lead to the top of the pitch breaking up.
  • Ensure you water to a depth to encourage deep rooting, just watering the surface will cause shallow rooting and possibly a profile break which will lead to a poor surface durability.

Equipment Selection:

  • Watering can, hose pipe, self-travelling sprinkler.
  • Automatic pop-up system with tank and pump.

Practical Tips:

  • Check your league rules as there is often a rule stating no water should be applied some many hours from the start of the game.
  • If you are considering a new pavilion, equipment shed pitch drainage give a thought to water harvesting to reduce your water bills.