• To establish new grass plant to help hold pitches together.
  • To improve wear tolerance, disease resistant’s and colour. 


  • Can be sown by hand, spread by fertiliser spreader or machine.
  • In all cases the seed must have good soil seed contact to improve germination.
  • Perennial Ryegrass is normally sown at 35 gm-2 when oversowing and 50 gm-2 on bare soil. 


The two best months to sow grass seed are April and September, but seed can be sown as long as the soil temperature is above 5oC.

Effects of Incorrect Procedure:

Sowing at too higher a rate will cause a disease called damping off which will kill the young grasses.

Equipment Selection:

  • Sow by hand out of a bucket or bag.
  • Spread the seed with a fertiliser spreader. Or a powered machine that creates a hole or a slot for the seed to drop into. 

Practical Tips:

  • Good quality seed will not germinate in thatch; this should be removed to the bare soil.
  • You only need to plant grass seed to a depth similar to the size of the seed.