There are many people, organisations and resources available to help you with particular issues and to develop your interests and understanding in groundsmanship. Most people who work in groundsmanship are keen to share their knowledge and experience and want to help as much as they can. 

The sections below provide a starting point for where to go to get further help and guidance as well as specific training in equipment and operations that will give you more confidence and enable you to do tasks that are limited to operatives with specific training.

People who can help
Technical information/publications
  • NGB websites
  • Sport England website
  • IOG website
Further training
  • IOG Website
  • NGB websites with links
  • Sport England website
  • Other
Organisations that represent groundsmen
  • IOG
Club Matters - supporting your club

For advice on wider club issues the Club Matters website provides guidance on club finances, club management, club marketing and club people.