The selection of the right consultant or agronomist for turfgrass advice is as critical as getting the right architect to design the clubhouse or sports hall. Choosing the right consultant will save time and money and will bring real added value to the design, construction or maintenance of turfgrass facilities. The following are critical issues that need to be considered when selecting a suitable consultant:

  • Does the consultant have relevant qualifications and expertise such as:
    • currently recognised as acting as an independent consultant in the sport turf/grass industry?
    • a recognised plant or earth science degree?
    • references from at least two clients for similar work?
    • sufficient expertise to cover the scope of the work required?
  • Ensure that the consultant:
    • is independent and does not have any formal association or understanding with any commercial organisation that could influence his or her impartiality.
    • holds an appropriate level of professional indemnity insurance (at least £1M of cover is recommended)
    • demonstrates a clear understanding of the brief and your requirements
    • has the ability and the resources required to meet the necessary deadlines
    • confirms the total cost of the professional services and if there are likely to be any additional costs
    • demonstrates a willingness to attend for an interview and/or present their submission
    • is able to provide ongoing support following the completion of the works

Your local FA, RFU, RFL or ECB representative may be able to provide assistance with the identification of a competent turfgrass consultant / agronomist.