To prepare a surface that complies to World Rugby Regulation 22. A well maintained facility is likely to last for 12-15 years whilst a poorly or non-maintained surface may last as little as 5 years.


Brushing, decompaction, cleaning, chemical treatments, ongoing repairs, infill re-introduction and full intervention processes.


All year round but exact programmes will be determined by varying levels of atmospheric pollution, player impact, natural surround, surface degradation, infill breakdown, vandalism and environmental impact such as flooding. 

Effects of incorrect procedure

Without de-compaction processes to invigorate and level the fill the onset of premature compaction is likely. This will hinder the play dynamic, create a firmer surface that could be deemed unsafe for play, encourage organic growth and will greatly reduce foot to surface friction value. It is also likely that the pitch will fall out of the required performance tolerances required for World Rugby Regulation 22 compliance.


Drag brush,drag rake or drag comb, rotary brush, specialist equipment that can physically lift (ordinarily utilising a rotary brush) and separate the clean infill from foreign material (by sieve) extract and remove finer particulate (driven by vacuum) whilst constantly activating the fill.