Now it is the end of season, it is time to carry out remedial works on the pitch/es.

Posts – remove posts from pitch and store ready for painting.

Mowing – mow grass at height of 40 mm; this allows seed and top dressing to be brushed through the sward onto the soil surface.

Distribute top dressing over pitch – This redresses the pitch levels in areas of high wear.

Aeration – Vertidrain the pitch in two different directions.

Harrowing – to be carried out in a minimum of two directions. This moves the top dressing into the spike holes and the low areas of the pitch.

Overseed pitch – This is best carried out using a disc seeder which cuts & lifts the turf, and drops the seed into the ground and rolls it flat again in one pass. This may be carried out by a specialist contractor or by using equipment from an equipment bank.

Apply fertiliser to the surface - This should be a well balanced fertiliser containing high levels of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

Irrigation – If there is no precipitation, it is important to irrigate the surface to encourage grass growth and rooting.