Operations to complete in November:

Harrowing – daily to remove dew and surface debris and, for presentational purposes, stripes the pitch surface. Harrow as early as possible after pitch has been used.

Mowing –only if required. Once the first frosts arrive, grass growth is significantly reduced.

Aeration - Carry out one operation when conditions allow. This helps with surface water infiltration and gaseous exchange within the soil.

Disease - Check daily, keep an eye on fungal disease attack.

Goal posts – Inspect goal posts and sockets weekly to check they are safe and secure.

Line marking – over mark lines prior to match weekend.

Pitch DrainageInspect drainage outfalls, channels and ditches.

Repairs / Divotting / Overseeding - Seed bare and worn areas caused by play/training.

Inspect and clean machinery after use - service and repair damaged machinery. Cleaning and basic maintenance of machinery extends its life expectancy.

Litter/debris - Inspect and remove debris daily from playing surface, litter, twigs and leaves. This can be a hazard to users especially when not removed before mowing. It is also aesthetically displeasing.

Pre-match inspections - Inspect pitch surface and line markings & check post safety.

Post-match & training works should include:

  • Replace divots
  • Rotary Mow surface to clean up surface debris. 
  • Repair worn areas (goalmouths / linesman runs). 
  • Top dress to restore levels (localised).
  • Mow / using mower to firm up / presentation for next game.