The mowing will still need to be done so make sure that the grass is being cut properly. If you are using a contractor to carry this out speak to them make sure that the blades are on cut and that it is not too wet on the leaf to mow. At this time of year do not cut the grass below 50 mm in height and do not leave it any longer than 75mm in height. It is always good to chain harrow or Quadraplay when there is morning dew on the grass as this knocks off the wet and leaves you with a brilliant pattern.


Look to apply your autumn and winter feed towards the end of the month, using the weather forecast as a guide. Use a 4-10-10 autumn and winter feed at 30g/m2.  Have a couple of hand forks available to hand fork away any surface water on bad match days. The referee will be grateful of his touch-judge’s runs being hand forked on a wet match day.