Operations to complete in October:

  • Aeration - Carry out one operation when conditions allow.
  • Brushing/Sweeping - daily to remove dew and surface debris.
  • Disease - Check daily, keep an eye on fungal disease attack.
  • Pitch Drainage - Inspect drainage outfalls, channels and ditches. 
  • Fertiliser Application - if grass shows signs of stress (weak growth, discoloured). 
  • Goal posts - Inspect goal posts and sockets weekly to check they are safe and secure.
  • Harrowing
  • Seed bare & worn areas - If conditions allow.
  • Irrigation
  • Litter/debris - Inspect and remove debris daily from playing surface, litter, twigs and leaves.
  • Selective Herbicide application – (if required).
  • Pre-match inspections - Inspect pitch surface and line markings & check post safety.
Post-match & training works should include:
  • Replace divots
  • Rotary Mow surface to clean up surface debris. 
  • Repair worn areas (goalmouths / linesman runs). 
  • Top dress to restore levels (localised).